Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Use drag and drop to create a good-looking website with ease and without coding. Get your hands full of beautiful templates that are certain to attract visitors by 100% certainty!

Live Editing & Text Writing

Simply manage your website by changing it real-time. Don’t wait for it to load to see the changes in the site. Save the changes automatically when doing it.

Bootstrap Support

Simply create a more responsive design using bootstrap support available for the components. Through our optimized mobile-first grid system, see in real-time how your page appears either on desktop or mobile screen

Mobile Optimized

Sit back and experience your website view reformatting itself, fitting to a list of handheld or any mobile device screens.

Themes Customization

Realize your website brand by customizing the themes to their last details. Easily manage and integrate several themes to achieve your desired web look and feel.

Adding Pages, Posts & Products

Add pages, posts, categories, and products in your website without the need for coding.

Online Shop

Establish your own store and increase the visibility of your business's success. Access free tools like AdWords, Headline Analyzer, Mail Chimp, and Canva to grow your business without much sweat.

Database Backup & Restore

Go back and forth with your data at any given time by using very simple retrieval controls.

Content Management & User Management

Manage and publish information in any form or medium in the fastest, easiest, and most effective way possible.

Custom Layouts

Get your hands full of custom layout options for high-performance designs: PLL, ESD, ADC, RF, etc.

Modular Architecture

Road-map your business by seeing it grow via a modular architecture application.

Meta-Tags & SEO

Manage conversion-driven meta-tags and SEO in the comfort of one optimized platform. No need to trouble yourself over a dozen other SEO management tools! You have everything you need right here.

File Manager

Say goodbye to the messy filing system, lost files, and time-consuming, manual efforts! Set folders for automatic categorization. Customize its order to your preference.

Built-in Blogging System

Spice up your business by updating blogs published in the same platform. Rid yourself of overlapping channels.

Free Templates & Management Templates

Select and use a ton of elegant templates, designs, and other homepage skins customized for all occasions. While setting them up, scan through our management template choices to pick a professional website plan. Use them all for free!

Managing Comments

Take control of the comment section, engage directly with your readers, and minimize spams.

Custom Domain Name

Customize your domain name each time until you nail the perfect name and IP address for your website brand. Register your domain name without worrying so much about legal and coding concerns.

Logo Design & Graphic Design

Design your desired logo without hopping between multiple domains. Fill your hands with amazing designing tools available.

Personalized Mailbox

Professionalize your email service platform by connecting to our available mailbox. Once you have the mailbox, personalize it to suit your branding needs.

Free Hosting

Start hosting subdomains for free to expand your business community.


Effortlessly use our countless statistics tools to monitor your business’ performance.

Website Navigation

Get a hold of our impressive tools for breakneck website navigation speed, enhanced and optimized visuals, and perfectly-fitted website navigation panels.

Email Marketing

Speed up your business turnabout by spreading campaigns through email message automation.