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Tips on How to Make Your Website More Visible in 2021

So you’ve just built a website: what now? The next big step is to learn how to make your website more visible.

Marketing a website is as challenging as building it. That’s a fact!

It is never a one-night-action for you to just “let go and let God''. Such an endeavor equates to managing. Managing means continuously building relationships with clients.

There’s no shortcut to that.

Lucky for you, we’ll be tackling in this article the secrets in making your website stand out from the rest.

So keep on reading ‘till the end.

Effective Tips on How to Make Your Website More Visible

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, the online industry has already been thriving. Studies claim that there’s a higher chance you’ll be able to sell (even tangible materials) online.

Your website serves as the permanent marker of your business presence in the world. That explains why more than half of the businesses in the world have their own websites.

Consequently, the unprecedented emergence of the pandemic is a mere icing on the cake.

Fortunately, we at M&N Web are committed to providing your practical, yet frequently overlooked tips on how to make your website more visible on Google in 2021.

  1. Declutter your site to simplify.

    Experts claim that a clean page showcases a balance of text and graphics. A cluttered page, on the other hand, has too much information but without context.

    You see, the mind has its own way of processing things, needing some kind of a breather at each presented information. Without the breather, there won’t be a context. Without a context, the mind overloads.

    Visuals don’t only emphasize or supplement information provided by the text, they also sort of reorients the mind to properly receive more information.

    Therefore, it is highly important to simplify your page with the right balance of text and graphics to get your message across to your audience and eventually increase website visibility on Google.

  2. Always have your contact information displayed.

    According to Kevin Fouche, creative director at Pixel Fish site, “a contact form is the easiest way for your audience to reach out to you, and it can also be helpful in generating online leads”.

    When designing your home page, don’t fail to frontline your contact information somewhere the audience can easily see.

    Adding your social media links on both top and lower sections of your homepage is imperative in generating leads.

  3. Secure a searchable domain.

    The best way to get your website noticed is to secure a searchable domain. When creating your domain name, fashion it in a way that it encapsulates the nature and characteristics of your business.

    If you randomly add in domain names that don’t support your business identity, chances are that your web loses its traffic within the easy-access sphere.

    You wouldn’t want that.

    The best thing you can do is to come up with 4-5 related words/titles that relate to your company name. Next, distribute these titles as multiple domains that zero in on your main web.

    Visit this site to learn about how to come up with a searchable domain.

  4. Secure a clear CTA for your readers.

    A solid call to action (CTA) lays the ‘why’ to your readers. It should be clear enough to convince them what to do and why they’re availing your business products in the first place.

    Active, clear and affirming CTAs provide higher conversions.

    Here are a few examples of solid CTAs:

    • Buy the site.
    • Start a free trial.
    • Contact us.
    • Order product here.

    Finally, make sure to place links, highlights, and/or buttons in the right places.

    Visit our site to learn how to come up with solid CTAs to make your website more visible.

  5. Speak through your site.

    The number one thing that puts clients off is a robotic, lifeless person speaking behind the texts in a web site.

    When they visit your site, clients expect a person they can trust. Sincerity, in this case, truly sells. No one in their right mind would like to invest in a shady business.

    Personalize your tone. Come up with a voice that speaks directly to audiences through your site. Add some unique verbal gestures in your text that reveal your personality. Do not just rely on information. Rather, build a communicative platform that allows a free flow of information.

    Lastly, make it a point that you are not an all-knowing personality; that would be too good to be true. Emphasize to your readers or soon-to-be clients that you’re also gaining information from them.

    Constantly ask them for comments. And, of course, don’t hesitate to thank them for their contributions.

    That should instantly make your website more visible.

  6. Optimize your site’s speed.

    Okay-- let’s get it straight. No one wants to spend even a few seconds on a slow website. It couldn’t be truer than today’s shorter attention span.

    One slight delay can already send potential clients scurrying away and eventually cost you the opportunity to make your website searchable on Google.

    That’s at least what this study says.

    Uh-uh. I see those creases forming on your brows. No worries-- it’s not as hard as you think.

    To optimize your web, simply have your software updated, your download traffic sorted, and your website host expanded to meet your frequency range requests.

    And, that’s about it.

  7. Organize your pages for easy viewing.

    Remove unnecessary widgets graphics, gifs, and other visual forms in your pages. As we mentioned earlier, a simpler web page allows the mind to freely process information.

    The key to perfecting this part is to think like the audience. Don’t go over their heads.

    Now, ask yourself these questions when you’re viewing your web page: does it look good to me? Can my brain easily process all this information? Do I get to easily pick information? Is all this information clear enough?

    For the text, don’t go beyond 6-7 lines per paragraph. Apparently, shorter and more on-point sentences truly make for easy viewing.

    Just re-read this section. What do you make of it as a reader?

There goes the practical tips on how to make your website more visible in 2021!


There is so much to learn beyond the tips on how to make your website more visible in 2021.

Building a website, marketing, and managing it in the long run requires more than a technical mind. Skills like creativity, innovation, and the sensitivity to social dynamics prove imperative to succeeding in the eCommerce industry.

Fortunately, we at M&N Web are more than happy to help you in every step of the way using free tools.

Now, it’s your turn to make your website land on Google first page by not only remembering all 7 tips by heart, but also coming up with your own unique formulas and strategies.

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